Our story

The Strollik story started over a coffee at one of our favourite cafes – Nooks in Randwick, Sydney in early 2013. Sitting there looking at all the mums, bubs, strollers and prams we started thinking… strollers and prams all look the same… black, maybe a little red here and there, very few had any colour or excitement. We thought – what alternatives are there for Australian mums and dads that want a stroller that is functional, modern and at an affordable price? Most stroller brands come from the US or Europe but what about a local Australian brand?

We searched far and wide and everywhere in between and couldn’t find any options that were functional, modern, Australian owned and at an affordable price. Surprisingly, we couldn’t even find any strollers or prams that were designed to comply with the latest Australian safety standards.

100% naturAL

7,500 Kcal/Kg of Heat!
Double that of standard

Kratos coconut charcoal

Burns Hotter, Longer and Cleaner

No chemicals or artificial additives or fillers

100% Natural charcoal
made from tropical
coconut shells

Burns hotter than conventional wood charcoal,
even Mesquite

Charcoal so pure and of high
quality that is great for Fookah/
Shisha use

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